About Me

Hey there, I am Pavan TS - the originator and creator of “Feel Fit with Pavan TS”


By profession, I am an entrepreneur – Early Childhood Educator. I own couple of preschools in Bangalore city. 10 years ago, I discovered my passion and love for young kids and decided to work with preschool, which landed me in the profession I am today. Being around kids is like a therapy for my soul. I am a holistic nutritionist, healthy cooking educator and influential communicator inspiring people to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. I love to help people build a good relationship with their food and embrace the joy of eating well and create a healthy life. But mostly one can find me in the kitchen experimenting and creating new healthy and tasty recipes. My philosophy is to educate and help people focus on REAL food ingredients and a holistic approach to life which will stay with them forever. I truly feel lucky to connect and inspire people around which gives me positivity in return so that keeps me motivated to serve more for the people around me. I thoroughly enjoy working with people who are looking for ways to implement simple changes to feel their best selves and to empower them by educating to love, respect, and trust for Who, What and How they are because everyone is different and that’s the beautiful thing.  


Company Profile

Feel Fit was born in the year 2018 with an intention to help and educate people to understand and adopt healthy lifestyle and watch their mind, body and life transform with holistic approach. It all started when I increased tremendous amount of body weight and started facing health issues due to weight gain. Inspite of taking professional help to lose weight, the results didn’t last long. It was then I decided to educate myself and work towards bettering my health and discovering what exactly it takes to lose weight and sustain the desired weight and at the same time enjoy all the pleasures of life. I was the guinea pig for my own found formula for healthy weight loss and to my surprise saw incredible changes inside out. I then decided to transfer the knowledge to my family and friends and each one of them achieved great results. It was then I decided to inspire people to eat healthy and build a relationship with the food that we have been eating since childhood and still can see our health change for better.


Feel Fit mission is to create health awareness and to educate on holistic approach to achieve Good Health. As we at Feel Fit believe Good Health is the amalgam of physical, mental, emotional, socio- economical and spiritual well-being. Thus it can be called Holistic Health.


Our vision is to create a community of people helping each other educate about Wellness, wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and holistic approach to achieve all of that.. In this great vision, we want to help at least one million people change his/her habits and lifestyle for and initiate a journey towards healthy living. We have dream vision to see everyone healthy and Feel Fit.